Instant Post

In America in the year 2017, we can have almost everything the moment we decide we want it (or pretty close). Take cooking, for starters (a job that used to take hours over an open fire or wood stove): we now have instant meals that take only seconds, as well as instant coffee. 

Instead of waiting weeks for something to arrive in the mail, we have two day shipping so that our new item arrives within 48 hours (and we complain if it doesn’t arrive by 5pm on the second day). We want instant test results and programs for diets, tutoring, cleaning, and everything else that promises immediate results. We want everything now and can usually get it that way. Really, our culture is all about instant results and gratification.


So why is it that when I say that I saw a store called “Instant Donuts”, everyone listening automatically says, “Yuck!” After all, we want everything now! Why would it be any different from ordering your donuts ahead of time on your phone so that you can pick them up the instant you arrive at the store? They probably take the same amount of time! Now, I haven’t been to Instant Donuts, and since I’m not a huge donut fan, I probably never will. Still, though, why would so many people think that instant donuts doesn’t sound good?


Maybe it’s because in spite of all the hurry, the bustle, and the demand for instant results, we all recognize that good things take time. There’s something about donuts, cupcakes, quilts, and so many other things that we know can only happen if time and effort are put in. No matter how much we try to make things faster, there will always be some things that aren’t as good when they’re done quickly.


Some people may say that this idea is just something we learn from experience, and maybe partly it is. However, I think we are taught by God Himself that things take time. After all, the Almighty God, Creator of the universe, can certainly do anything He wants. He said, “Let there be light,” and it was there! No other steps necessary. If He decided to make the whole world and have it done just like that by snapping His fingers, it would have happened, it wouldn’t have been too hard, and it all would have been perfect. But He didn’t. Instead, our wonderful God took 6 days to make the world and everything in it. I think, when He did so, He gave us an example to show that spending time on a project isn’t a bad thing.


Sometimes I tend to want instant results. I get frustrated when my Bible Bee study takes more than 20.5 minutes and I can’t get the entire memory passage learned in one sitting. I wish there was a way to instantly have all the passages memorized by downloading them to my mental memory card. Good things aren’t always quick and easy, though. It can take hours of dedicated work to memorize God’s Word. That’s okay. Remember those donuts? Good things take time. And the more time we spend studying and memorizing God’s Word, the more we get out of it. You may only learn one or two verses in the time someone else learns ten, but you know what? The time you’ve put in won’t be in vain. God promises that His word doesn’t return void. That means that no Scripture that you’ve memorized will be useless–and all those hours won’t be either.


Press on!



**Note: You may be wondering why this post is called “Instant Post.” It’s partly to illustrate my point: you want to know exactly what I post as soon as I post it, so you’ve subscribed and now my post is delivered instantly to your inbox. The other reason? I couldn’t think of anything better!


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