God Wants to Hear from You!

The other day I saw an ad that was so true it made me laugh. Usually I think of ads as so exaggerated that I don’t believe any of them. I mean, when I see things like this I usually ignore them because their claims are so preposterous!

“Get 4 Disney movies for $1!”

“Never eat this food again and you’ll lose all the weight you wanted.”

“Find your one true love on our dating site.”

“Save hundreds of dollars on your dream car.”

Yeah, right. How many of those are true? Probably none. That’s why the ad I saw struck me; because it was true.

“God wants to hear from you. Just pray now!”

Wow! They’re not trying to get my money or convince me that their product will change my life. Nope, this ad is actually telling the truth! That made me laugh.

Why is it that an ad should be so funny? Maybe because we’re so used to hearing lies from advertisement that when we hear the truth–about God, no less–it strikes us as an anomaly, something rare.

You see, the world doesn’t follow God–it follows the evil one. We’re so used to hearing and filtering through lies that the truth stands out and makes us take notice. So stop and take notice of this ad for a moment, as I did when it caught my eye.

Do I believe that God wants to hear from me? Yes, of course I do! Do I believe God hears me? Yes! Why, then, do I not pray?

Every time I ask myself why I don’t pray more, why I don’t have prayer at the front of my mind and the top of my to-do list, I remember a quote I heard once.

“The reason we don’t pray is that we don’t believe it does anything.”

Ouch! Yet it’s true. If I think something works, I will do it. I put gas in my car because I believe that it will keep my car running. I take the medicine my doctor prescribes because I think it will help my health problems. I wash my hands because I think it will help me not get sick. If I haven’t been praying, then it means I don’t believe prayer has any effect. When I realized the root problem of my lack of prayer, it was hard to accept but when I did it changed my mindset. Prayer isn’t something I should do–it’s something I need to do!

It’s never easy to start a habit, especially with something like prayer. It’s always worth it though! I challenge you and myself at the same time: set aside a specific amount of time every day for prayer. It may be hard to make it fit in. It may mean you have to give up something you really like to do. For me, that means I don’t read as much before I go to bed. It’s not always fun or easy, but I know that this is one habit that will change my life and help me to make a positive impact on those around me!

God wants to hear from you. Just pray now!


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