[For Villains Only] How to Sew a Cloak

If you, as a villain, happen to be one of those unfortunate villains that is not supplied with a cloak, you poor thing. Pull out your sewing machine because I’m about to help you out. [**Note to self: why am I helping villains?????] Anyway. So, to begin with. Cloaks are very useful. Besides the fact… Continue reading [For Villains Only] How to Sew a Cloak


Eats With Sinners

Hello! I’m here with you today to let you know about an interesting book I read lately. Because, well, why would I read a book if I thought it wasn’t going to be interesting? Anyway--welcome to my latest book review. Prepare to be told you should add another book to your reading list! To be… Continue reading Eats With Sinners