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A Night We’ll Never Forget

That day started like any other day for us. We woke up, ate our meal of broccoli, cucumbers and collard greens, and started our lessons in Babylonian language. Three of us could speak Babylonian almost better than we could Hebrew, but Hananiah was still having a little bit of trouble, so we were helping him… Continue reading A Night We’ll Never Forget


No, I didn’t disappear (and we’ll hopefully be back more)

Hi everyone! It's been a l-o-n-g while since I posted but I'm hoping to undo that destructive trend. From this point forward we shall endeavor to post study helps, creative (a.k.a. wacky) ideas for helping others study, and fun things to make you feel like you're studying while you're really just taking a break. [What… Continue reading No, I didn’t disappear (and we’ll hopefully be back more)

Scripture · Stories

Sapphira and the Crowd

Sapphira and the Crowd SCENE. At a well inside Jerusalem, where the women meet to discuss conversions and circumstances.   MERAB. [lets a bucket into the well and pauses halfway up] It’s just--it’s just so surprising, you know? I mean, the things the apostles told us about Jesus--they’re true!   PENINNAH. [with a heavy bucket]… Continue reading Sapphira and the Crowd