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Isaac and Rebekah

(ABRAHAM and the Servant, ELIEZER, are seated in the tent of Abraham. Supposedly.) ELIEZER:  You know, Abraham, you’re getting kind of old.   ABRAHAM (in an old man voice): I know. A hundred and forty last Tuesday. But what can I say? It’s God’s plan for me. But Eliezer, I was thinking. It’s about time… Continue reading Isaac and Rebekah

Scripture · Stories

Sapphira and the Crowd

Sapphira and the Crowd SCENE. At a well inside Jerusalem, where the women meet to discuss conversions and circumstances.   MERAB. [lets a bucket into the well and pauses halfway up] It’s just--it’s just so surprising, you know? I mean, the things the apostles told us about Jesus--they’re true!   PENINNAH. [with a heavy bucket]… Continue reading Sapphira and the Crowd