The Usurpers–Chapter IV

As we finished last time, Avith was alone, in prison, and without any hope of getting hope. Today, we'll find out if she remains that way. Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III The Usurpers--Chapter Four   I laid my head back against the cold stone wall for what had to be the twelfth time. I… Continue reading The Usurpers–Chapter IV


The Usurpers–Chapter III

Last time on the Usurpers, Avith resolved to sneak into the villain's castle. This time, find out what happens next! Chapter I Chapter II The Usurpers--Chapter Three The day had come. The day had finally come. The day had, ultimately, come. I always knew it would, but somewhere deep inside I wondered if this was… Continue reading The Usurpers–Chapter III

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Sapphira and the Crowd

Sapphira and the Crowd SCENE. At a well inside Jerusalem, where the women meet to discuss conversions and circumstances.   MERAB. [lets a bucket into the well and pauses halfway up] It’s just--it’s just so surprising, you know? I mean, the things the apostles told us about Jesus--they’re true!   PENINNAH. [with a heavy bucket]… Continue reading Sapphira and the Crowd