Stubborn Perseverance Book Review

Please answer this brief survey. --Have you ever thought that, as a Christian, you should be more active in missions? --Do you get inspired by stories of Christians who were willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of Christ? --Have you ever wondered what exactly someone is doing when they say they’re planting churches? --Do… Continue reading Stubborn Perseverance Book Review


Two Amazing Books

It seems like there has been a huge focus on Muslims in the news lately, and that is so amazing because God is moving in the lives of Muslims! Today, I’d like to share with you two incredible books I read recently about how Muslim women came to Christ. The Torn Veil by Gulshan Esther… Continue reading Two Amazing Books


The Most Important Women of the Bible

Have you ever wanted a comprehensive list of the most important women in the Bible? With biographies? With key references? With their importance in the Bible? With their significance in our lives today? I know I’ve wanted that for a while--and in The Most Important Women of the Bible, I’ve found it. It covers the… Continue reading The Most Important Women of the Bible