[For Villains Only] How to Sew a Cloak

If you, as a villain, happen to be one of those unfortunate villains that is not supplied with a cloak, you poor thing. Pull out your sewing machine because I’m about to help you out. [**Note to self: why am I helping villains?????] Anyway. So, to begin with. Cloaks are very useful. Besides the fact… Continue reading [For Villains Only] How to Sew a Cloak


The Most Important Women of the Bible

Have you ever wanted a comprehensive list of the most important women in the Bible? With biographies? With key references? With their importance in the Bible? With their significance in our lives today? I know I’ve wanted that for a while--and in The Most Important Women of the Bible, I’ve found it. It covers the… Continue reading The Most Important Women of the Bible

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Sapphira and the Crowd

Sapphira and the Crowd SCENE. At a well inside Jerusalem, where the women meet to discuss conversions and circumstances.   MERAB. [lets a bucket into the well and pauses halfway up] It’s just--it’s just so surprising, you know? I mean, the things the apostles told us about Jesus--they’re true!   PENINNAH. [with a heavy bucket]… Continue reading Sapphira and the Crowd