About pages, naturally, are about people. And this about page is about us.

So, since the oldest comes first, I present to you the lovely bio I wrote up for her.

Sarah is a ??-year-old homeschool graduate. She has just completed the graduation requirements to gain her B.A. in History from Thomas Edison State University. She discovered her love of teaching Bible Study during the two years she competed in the National Bible Bee. Now she is a Bible Bee Alumna and enjoys teaching Sermon for Little Eyes and our local Bright Lights group.  She also enjoys sewing, writing stories, and stuff.


And me.

Katherine is a ??-year-old stuck in 11th grade. But I’ll be done soon. I’m looking at becoming a Bible Translator and getting a degree in Linguistics. So, yeah. Still praying about that. I love competing in the Bible Bee (biblebee.org) and reading and sewing and making my own patterns and writing stories about random ideas I have.

I’m the blonde in this picture who is technically no longer blonde.

We are so super glad that you decided to visit our blog today and we hope that you enjoy and are encouraged by each and every excerpt you eye over.